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Mt Pritchard Public school Before and After School Care

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85 Hemphill Av, Mt Pritchard

We have been providing quality early childhood education to the Fairfield and Liverpool community for 47 years.

Our mission is to help each child achieve their full potential in their development.

Every child is unique and are at different stages in their development.

We will design a curriculum based on your child’s current abilities and interests. This curriculum is regularly reviewed as your child progresses in our holistic approach to early childhood education.

We work in partnership with you to help your child develop and will provide regular updates on your child’s progress.

Introduction to technology. School readiness program

Our Fees

Our full fees (before government subsidy) are:

  • $67.50 per day for 3-5 years
  • $74.00 per day for 2-3 years
  • $89.50 per day for 20 mths old-2 years
  • $12.50 per day for before school care
  • $25.00 per day for after school care

Your out of pocket payment may be less depending on your government Child Care subsidy

Please find out your child care subsidy entitlement from Centrelink and we will work out your gap payment.

Please note that it may take 4-6 weeks for Centrelink to approve your Child Care Subsidy.

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Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday

7:30am to 6:00pm

Close on Public Hoildays

What we believe in

We believe that every child and family is unique and are to be treated with respect regardless of race, cultural background, religion or gender.

We believe that every child will develop to their full potential when given a secured relationship both at home and at Mt Pritchard Kindy.

We believe that when your child feels respected and valued he/she will in turn be able to recognise and respect the feelings of others and to be able to have a positive relationship with them.

We believe that your child will be an involved learner when nurtured in our safe and friendly environment developing a strong sense of identity, aware of own well-being, is confident, become effective communicator and connects well with his/her world.

We believe in giving your child every opportunity to learn through play (planned and unplanned) as he/she discovers, creates, improvises and imagines. When your child plays with other children he/she creates social groups, tests out ideas, challenges each other’s thinking and builds understanding.

Our Curriculum

Our daily activities are designed to provide appropriate experiences in the following early childhood development areas:

Social Development

  • Getting along in groups
  • Learning responsible behaviours (Such as sharing)
  • Respecting gender/ethnic/cultural/age/developmental differences
  • Expressing feelings appropriately

Language Skills

  • Listening, speaking, following directions, group discussion, group participation
  • Learning numbers, relational concepts, classification skills, grouping, categorising, negation, leading to problem solving.

Cognitive Development

  • Providing experience with mathematical and literacy scope
  • Promoting curiosity about the world by encouraging observation, exploration and experimentation
  • Building reading and writing skills
  • Fostering imagination and creativity

Physical Development

  • Developing large and small muscle groups
  • Improving spatial awareness and balance
  • Improving eye-hand co-ordination and perceptual skills
  • Exploring rhythm and movement

Emotional Development

  • Promoting positive self-image
  • Fostering co-operation
  • Developing independence, initiative and trust
  • Experiencing expression through art, music, drama and dance

Health and Safety

  • “Munch and Move” Program
  • Incursions for dental health, fire safety, stranger danger and environmental awareness

Parenting Tips

We will add more articles into our blog from time to time.

Please email us if there are topics that interest you.

You are welcome to chat about parenting issues privately.

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